Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here and Now - Travel @Camotes Island 2012

Camotes Island Cebu

We left Canduman, Mandaue at around 1:00 AM morning with my rabudingding "tata" going to Danao Port in order to grab a ticket first in line because it was picked season. Also this was our VB team building as a team and we were allowed to bring our partners thou.

It was first Island travel of @tatajhun and also his wish to go in Camotes for a long time.

We arrived at Danao for about 30 minutes from Canduman, when we got there, no passengers was around and we were the first passenger in line with the Jomalia Shipping Lines until we just stopped to had a coffee drink as we called "pampa-init sa tyan".

At around 3-4 AM passengers were gradually arriving at Danao Port, and still I'm not out in track. Ticketing as per guards advised will be open at 4:00AM until the time hit @4 nothing happened in the ticketing booth coz I'm in front of the window no one was around to entertain us. Lots of passengers were yelling and pissed off with the system. When the time hit @5 still no tickets were released yet. Me just smiled and singing while waiting in the window hoping someone were there to issue a ticket for us, rather than yelling and murmuring bad words coz I know nothing will happen if I keep on complaining and shouting around many passengers that time.

Hopefully ticket were released at around 5:30 AM, and like was so long already and traffic started for it was a lot of private cars were arriving.

Some of my team arrived already until we were completed and I distribute to them their ID's as a ticket coz we are about 15 pax and we are now on-board and shipped departed 7AM which supposedly 6:30 AM. Waiting for 2 hours travel while on ship going to Consuelo Port where we were to docked.

Long wait is over until we reach to the resort and its all worth it. Seeing the blue water and shinning Island phew!!

Lake Danao Park together with the VB team and the partners. Group pics with the banners. Just look like fiesta...

Who did the candid shot for me.. ?? nice shot thou..

Another candid shot .. finger flip as you can see but its not hehehe.. it is a leaves that I'm holding....

This one is no longer a candid shot .. tinuyo-an na dyd ni..posing dyd..hehehe

Oh.. I like this .. a focused one huh..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

TYPHOON ONDOY - September '09

An Experience wrote by my cousin....

Dear All,

What a disastrous and unforgettable experience I have yesterday during the typhoon Ondoy.Pag-asa said we are only signal no.1 but it rained so hard which is already equivalent to 1 month of rainfall.

The night before that, Sept. 25,2009 we were in Araneta to attend the last day wake of a friend's relative and even went home before 12:00 MN. It was not even raining that hard but pouring continuosly. Early 8:30 am of Sept 26,2009 I went to work due to backlog loads and it was not even raining so hard. Around 9:00 am the skies are colored black already and the wind is so strong as seen from our windows in the 16th floor. Little by little the water in the streets went higher and higher until it reached waist level. One step more it will already go inside our building lobby and if it happens they are going to shut off all the elevators already. Feeling ko parang titanic na...noh ba yan!..... Around 1:45 pm inspite the continous downpour of rain me and my officemate decided to go home inspite all circumstances we will encounter along the way. Suicide na kami. If we will stay put the more we cant go home.

We went down the basement and passed at the side of our building which the water is only knee high. We walked from Makati Med till Reposo near Jupiter and St.Andrews church going kina Paling. ( my cousin ). We were able to ride a taxi from there but stopped at the foot bridge of Makati Mandaluyong bridge because down there the way is not passable. Walking through we saw that Ilog Pasig already overflowed.Ngeee! Walking our way down, I am hesitant to take the last step na. Many are walking in the rain and no choice... need ko lumusong. The water is dirty and cold. I was thinking mas malinis pa yata ang tubig pag bumaha dun sa atin. Wala na.....have to walk through. I've been making calls and texts to Rodel, some friends and officemates of our experience...even told them not to pass by here and better stay put in the office and be safe. At first it's only knee high until it reached waist level na...I've been walking in the center barefooted with my friends with all the sand and stones pricking our soles. Kawawa naman ako! I already wanted to cry because of the the situation we are here.Barangka area we were able to ride a tricycle to Sambahayan ...tired, sighing and soaking wet! Grabe....... i arrived after 4pm home and directly go to wash up. Have been calling my staff in the office,relatives and friends to check on them also. Brown out! Our means of updating ourselves with the situation is only thru radio. We cant sleep also and pinakikiramdaman ang paligid kasi bumaha din dito sa condo. In fact, Leo's house was flooded. Good Rodel was home and no work kaya he was the one looking and watching the condition here sa condo . We have lights around 12:00MN and we still managed to watch TV to update ourselves.

On the other hand, the house in Marikina was flooded. Annie, Papa and the 4 kids were all alone there and the water reached till shoulder level inside the house. Lahat ng gamit sa baba was destroyed. The ref is floating and all other things inside the house. The owner was totally submerged and some of their neighbora and relatives stayed with them sa second floor ng house. Though they're okey na we still dont know what will happen next. All roads going to their area is not passable till today.Hay......

Now, I realized that life is so short. In a glimpse when God calls you.. you cant do anything! No paalams...nothing whatsover! Good we are all safe inspite of what happened.
God bless and always stay safe. ALWAYS PRAY FOR GUIDANCE AND SAFETY.

God bless and best regards,
Neneng ( Len )

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dog can always be a Man's "best friend"

In so many ways a dog can be a man's best friend;
Dogs have true loyalty and unconditional love than a man.

They absorb mans sickness and sensitive enough to what we feel;
they will be there all the time, to protect us in any trouble may come.

Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work and being greeted by your
four-legged companion tail wagging. Your stress and tension evaporating away
as your dog snuggle up to you.

Would it be nice if we treat our dogs as natural or real man as we could.
Owning a dog is how you treated a real person as your friend.
Take care of your dog's health, handle dog behavior problems and food intakes.

How you take care of your dogs affects of who or what the person you are inside and out.
Other way around they will protect you in return as what you treated them though.

Love your dogs.....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Create Your Own Dreams

Dreams can come true if you take the time to

think about what you want in life.

Get to know yourself

Find out who you are

Choose your goals carefully

Be honest with yourself

Always believe in yourself.

Find many interests and pursue them

Find out what is important to you

Find out what you are good at

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

Work hard to achieve successes

When things are not going right

don't give up - just try harder

Give yourself freedom to try out new things.

Laugh and have a good time

Open yourself up to love

Take part in the beauty of nature

Be appreciative of all that you have 

Help those less fortunate than you

Work towards peace in the world

Live life to the fullest

Create your own dreams and follow 

them until they are a reality..

- by S.P.S.-

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Career Change ...

It came to a point in my life that I realized the things

which i need to grow in some ways.

I begin to seek for something else

that I'm not used to do.

For a long years, I've waited,

things never changed as I wanted to.

Opportunity came and I grab it,

I realized things can be possible

if you really want it to happen.

I challenge myself to do something else

to prove and give a learning.

Learning can be a tool for me

to give myself a growth that I longed

for quite sometime.

This could not be for anybody else

I decide and risk things knowing

this is for my own benefit.

Hope Il be guided on the field I choose.

Im happy of what I have now as I go far

on this journey..


Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Ang Lampara"

Light is the most needed
and the most useful to our daily lives,
It helps us to describe and
determine some beautiful things around us.
We are grateful that in our times many kinds
of light being invented bulbs and fluorescent's
existence are the most common types we used.
What if at this very time we used
still the lamparilla(kerosene lamp),
Do you think that many establishment exist?
hahaha really it makes us freak!
That makes me wonder, why is it?
That in any place many lamp are posted
but the crime rate in any parts of our country grows every year....
Do you think that using of light
we can do such awful and disgusting disturbances?
Ha! for me its an abuse...
Abuse in a sense that light being
installed for us to be free from harm.
-TaTa- 3'09

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things I hate about ..

I hate the way you talk to me
and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots
and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick.
It even makes me rhyme.
I hate it.
I hate the way you're always right.
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh,
even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're not around and
the fact that you didn't call.
But mostly, I hated the way i don't hate you
not even close.
Not even a little bit not even at all..